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Caption - Oxford's annual small press comics con.
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Caption is Oxfords annual small-press comics convention. It's normally held in the Oxford in the middle of August (ish). To find out what we're planning for the latest event as well as reminicing about Captions of the past, visit our website at http://www.caption.org (you'll also find our contact details there).

If you want to get regular updates on our plans for the next event, you'd also be well advised to join our announcments mailing list - http://www.caption.org/mailman/listinfo/caption-announce/

The Caption community, as annouced in this post, is a moderated community. The moderators are girlycomic and andyluke. We would appreciate it if posters would try to bear in mind the following guidelines:

1) Please give your post a subject. All the public posts have their subjects syndicated onto http://www.caption.org as headlines so if you can, make your subject a useful summary of your post.
2) Stay on topic. Ideas for Caption, Caption reports (or links to them), projects that Caption or its attendees might want to get involved with or suggestions of appropriate places/events that Captioneers might want to go along to are all good, but this is not the place for plugging the latest cool webcomic you've found (there's always Bugpowder for that) or for posting anything commercial.
3) Umm. Be nice. That pretty much covers it.
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