Tozo (tozocomic) wrote in caption,

Caption 2012

Save the date: Caption 2012 will be from the 21st-22nd July, celebrating its 21st year. More info soon.

  • Podcasts Featuring Caption

    Alex Fitch has let us know about this week's radio show:: On air: Panel Borders: Comic Book Caption(s) Starting a month of shows about comic book…

  • Austerity Caption (2011) Schedule of Events

    FRIDAY 5TH AUGUST 2011 In the evening you will find some Caption Committee Members and Caption attendees at the Angel & Greyhound Pub…

  • Countdown to Caption: 16 days to go...

    The Time & Date: 10am - 11pm on Saturday 6th August. 10am - 5.30pm Sunday 7th August. Bar opens at 12noon! The Place: East Oxford Community…

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